The Idea

There's a lot of cool writers out there. And there's a lot of cool artists out there. And, just maybe, if they had the opportunity to collaborate on some short, fast projects, the result would be really cool.

So here's the idea- a writer posts a short something- it could be an actual script, or a description of a scene, or just a sentence or a word.

Then an artist comes along, and turns that idea into a short comic- just one or two pages.

Each artist who responds to a piece of writing will invariably bring a different interpretation, style, and flavor to the piece- which will (I think, I hope) mean we get a cool hodgepodge of different and amazing work.

That's the idea- but first we need an actual site. So while I'm busy designing and building, start getting your ideas together.

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Most Recent Update
Posted: Sunday, July 10, 2011
Been really busy at work since February, with no end in sight. It WILL happen, it'll just be late. Revised launch date set for 01/01/2012.
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